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FREE review on mis sold ppi policies and Right Conclusion Limited offer a guarantee that we will reclaim all the money that you are legally entitled to receive.

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Claiming back your PPI premiums.

Money paid out for Payment protection imsurance compensation

Check out the list of PPI reasons and if any of them sound familiar, you could reclaim mis sold PPI premiums plus interest.

Reasons for claiming

Firms, after two weeks, finally accept High Court's PPI ruling.

9th May 2011

The British Bankers’ Association and Nemo Personal Finance Limited decided not to appeal against the High Court’s payment protection insurance (PPI) judgment.

Last month, the Court dismissed their legal challenge to the measures we (FOS) introduced to ensure that customers are treated fairly when complaining about the sale of a PPI policy.

What this news means for your complaint.

This is the end of the legal process and firms must now get on with handling all PPI complaints and paying money back to customers, where appropriate. (source FOS)

If you require a further explanation or assistance, then please Contact us and we will be happy to help.

Bank Misselling

Banks history and who has been fined for wrongful sales proceedures

Right Conclusion have dealt with all of the major banks for our clients including, Barclays, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, NatWest and Santander.

We have also approached many other loan providers throughout the high street on purchases of Furniture, Car sales, Domestic appliances, Store cards and Loans.

History of Banks and their fines from the FSA

Loan policies

Have you taken out a PPI loan in the last 10 years? You may have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance and could reclaim the policy premiums plus interest.

Loan policy explanation

Banks will pay out billions for Payment Protection insurance compensation

Mortgage policies

Should you have arranged your mortgage in the last 10 years then you could be paying Payment Protection Insurance.

Check to see if you can reclaim PPI back now.

Mortgage reclaims

Banks will pay compensation on wrongful sales

Credit Card policies

There's a chance you could be paying Payment Protection Insurance on your credit cards.

When successful, you can get refunds of PPI premiums plus interest.

Introduction into how Credit Card policies were investigated

Banks pay out for credit card claims

Other Financial Products

Many more products have been under investigation.

Some examples are:


● Endowment

● Unfair credit card charges

● Mortgages

Click the link below for more information on other mis sold products.

Introduction into how other Financial Product policies have been investigated