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PPI Claim Award or Offer explained

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Each claim has a unique offer or award, made up of the various ways in which the PPI was mis-sold, and takes the format of a Final Response Letter (FRL) from the advising company.

Attached to the Final Response Letter will be an "Acceptance Form", which has to be completed, signed by the client and returned to the advising company without delay.

Normally the advising company will issue a cheque within 2-3 weeks after receiving the completed "Acceptance Form" to settle the claim.

The award or offer normally will be paid direct to the client.

When your Loan or Credit Card has a balance outstanding (i.e. Loan still active). The offer or award will comprise of some monies going to offset your active account and some monies being paid direct to you, either by cheque or money transfer into your current bank account.

Should your Loan or Credit Card balance been paid off (Cleared). The total offer or award will be paid to you via a cheque or money transfer into your current bank account.

Our commission fee will become due after 20 days of you receiving your offer or award.

Steps to claiming PPI.

Contact us for a claim pack.

Return paperwork. with relevant copies of the point of sale documents i.e. PPI contract you signed.

Claim process We keep you updated about your PPI claim.

Your PPI award or offer explained. Cheque for you!

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