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Right Conclusion Limited have a No win No Fee policy and guarantee that we will get you all the money that you are legally entitled to receive.

Claiming back Mis-sold policies - PPI No win no fee claim pack explained

Returning your Signed PPI No win no fee Paperwork

Firstly we would like to thank you for choosing Right Conclusion Limited (RCL ME) to handle your claim for misselling.

The following free PPI claim documents will be enclosed:

● A No win No Fee supply of Service Agreement appointing RCL ME to act as your representative.

● PPI Questionnaire Part 1 (ONE for each of your policy claims)

● PPI Questionnaire Part 2 (ONE for each of your policy claims)

Authority Form for your claim (ONE for each of your policy claims)

These must all be completed and signed individually in black ink.

Please return them without delay, duly signed, in the enclosed self-addressed envelope. Also supply copies of any relevant documents and records in your possession, including hand written notes from your adviser. (i.e. Copy of Contract)

On receipt of the returned free PPI claims documents: We will immediately write to your Loan Company registering your complaint and confirming our status as your authorised representative.

We expect an acknowledgement to our letter from the company within 2-3 weeks. As part of our strategy we will forward to you, along with guidance if necessary, a copy of the acknowledgement letter and any further document's that may be required in order to complete your claim successfully.

We operate on a no win, no fee basis. However a fee will be payable if a case is not pursued at your request outside of the 14 days ‘cooling off’ period.

Banks, after realising that they were wrong, finally accepted the High Court's PPI ruling.

9th May 2011

The British Bankers’ Association and Nemo Personal Finance Limited decided not to appeal against the High Court’s payment protection insurance (PPI) judgment.

Last month, the Court dismissed their legal challenge to the measures we (FOS) introduced to ensure that customers are treated fairly when complaining about the sale of a PPI policy.

What this news means for your mis sold payment protection policy complaint.

This is the end of the legal process and firms must now get on with handling all PPI complaints and paying money back to customers, where appropriate. (source FOS)

If you require a further explanation or assistance, then please Contact us and we will be happy to help.

Steps to claiming PPI.

Contact us for a claim pack.

Return paperwork. with relevant copies of the point of sale documents i.e. PPI contract you signed.

Claim process We keep you updated about your PPI claim.

Your PPI award or offer explained. Cheque for you!

Pay my invoice Ways to pay.